Similac Bottle Teat 4pk

Similac Bottle Teat 4pk
Standard, Slow Flow or Premature 4pk
NZ$ 10.00
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These bottle teats are used in many NZ Neonatal Units. Premature is the smallest teat, then Slow Flow is designed to provide a controlled flow rate, supporting the underdeveloped "suck-swallow-breathe" coordination of premature babies. Once baby has developed a stronger sucking ability they can be transitioned to the Standard Flow.

Comes in packs of 4, Standard, Slow Flow or Premature.

Mixed packs are perfect for transitioning between teat sizes! Standard and Slow Flow - 2 of each.


Latex Free

Nipples and rings come in individual packaging, convenient and easy to use.

Nipples and rings form a seal to prevent leakage during feeding.

Disposable – not for reuse.


DO NOT use as a pacifier, as it presents a choking hazard.

DO NOT reuse, as reuse can cause deterioration or separation of the rubber, presenting a choking hazard.

Keep out of reach of children.