Welcome to Small Babies!

Gorgeous products and clothing especially for premature and little babies

Nothing can really prepare you for having a baby prematurely, our own NICU experience with our 26-weeker led to the creation of Small Babies. After our stay I felt there needed to be a easy way for new parents to find what they required in a dedicated 'prem' store, enabling them to spend that precious time with their baby or getting some much-needed rest!


Take a look at our range of tiny clothing, from the basics to boutique, and in sizing to fit Micro Prems up to Newborn. We've also begun to source other products that are great for premmies. Our beautiful cards and wrapping choices are perfect if you wish to send a gift for a new baby.


The resources pages have information and links to support groups, or have a read of our story. If you need some advice or are looking for a certain item please contact us - we're always happy to help.


Congratulations on the arrival of your little baby,