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Products to help you calm, soothe and feed your prem baby, most of these are used in NZ Neonatal units. Cuski Miniboo is a tiny comforter and bonding aid designed to be used by both mum and baby in times of separation and comes in a beautiful little gift box.

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  • The Miniboo is a tiny comforter which has been designed for use with preterm babies. Keep it close your your skin to transfer your familiar scent, then give to your baby to help create a comforting, soothing environment. Having a second Miniboo for mum also is beneficial for expressing! Approved for use in UK Neonatal Units, please check with your unit as...

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  • Stock up now on NICU Soothie dummies - these are used in most NZ Neonatal units. No more changing your baby onto different brand of dummy when the only Soothie you have has disappeared! Designed to provide a superior fit for growing prems or smaller term babies, the cut out design allows space for oxygen or feeding tubes, unlike the standard round...

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  • A gorgeous soft toy with a rattle in the tummy and made with a silky smooth fur. Measures approx 15cm long, perfect for taking size comparision photos with your little baby as they grow! Choose from different 5 animals - Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Elephant and Lion $20 each, or one FREE with every purchase of $80 or more! Add your toy to your cart and the discount...

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  • These teats are used in NZ Neonatal Units. The Slow Flow is designed to provide a more controlled flow rate, which supports the underdeveloped "suck-swallow-breathe" coordination of premature babies. Once baby has developed a stronger sucking ability they can be transitioned to the Standard Flow. Standard or Slow Flow - pack of 4. Standard and Slow Flow...

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