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  • Medium length NICU gown which opens completely down the centre front and along the sleeves for easy dressing or fast access to baby if needed. Velcro closures and adjustable front for a snug fit. Purple star pattern, fully lined for comfort. 100% Cotton, Hand-made in New Zealand Available in Small Prem 3-5lbs, 1.4-2.3kg; Prem 5-8lbs, 2.3-3.6kg Support...

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  • Ultrasoft Leg Warmers are a perfect alternative to pants, allowing easy access to the feet and nappy. The soft, stretchy fold over cuffs help keep them on little legs, while being adjustable for a customised fit. Combine them with a NICU bodysuit/gown or underneath an all in one. 100% Cotton. Proudly made by Itty Bitty Baby Prem - up to 7lbs, 3.2kg. Also...

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