Hi, I'm Stephanie and my son Ethan was born at 26 weeks weighing a pretty tiny 900 grams. Nothing can prepare you for having a baby prematurely and our own NICU experience is the inspiration behind Small Babies. For new parents with a fragile baby in the NICU life is stressful enough, so here you can find what you need to care for your premmie - with some helpful products for mum and dad too.

Please check out the resources pages for information and links to support groups, and have a read of our story. I'm always here to help so if you need advice, are looking for an item, or want to share your own story then contact us here or @smallbabiesnz on facebook and instagram.

Congratulations on the arrival of your little baby,

Stephanie xx

Octoprem - the Octopus for Premature Babies

 Octoprem provides comfort and security to babies, with the soft tentacles mimicking the feel of the umbilical cord. Most importantly, these Premmie Octopus are safety tested to the AUS/NZ Standard.

Keepsake Premmie Doll

 Made to the length and weight of your premmie at birth, our Keepsake Dolls are a special way to remember just how small your baby was! Each doll is unique and hand made to your measurements.

Premature Baby Clothing

 Properly fitting clothing is essential for keeping a premature baby warm and comfortable. With sizing from Micro Prem up to Newborn, you'll be certain to find clothing that actually fits!

Premature Baby Journals and Scrabooks

 Discover our range of beautiful Milestone Cards, Baby Journals and Scrapbooks. Designed for premature or NICU babies and recording their unique accomplishments from birth to home.