Thank you! The girls are loving their little merino outfits.

Megan M - Premature Merino Clothing

Just a note to say beautiful prem clothes, I can't wait to gift them to my best friend who had her baby 5 weeks early... That wrap dress may be the smallest thing I've ever seen.

Megan S - Premature NICU Clothing

I just wanted to share with you my grand daughter in a piece of clothing I brought from you. It's size Small Prem as she only weights 1320. But she's came such a long way in the last 9 weeks to this point. Thank you so much.

Sharon F - Premature Clothing

Thank you so much! Was really happy to find tiny baby clothes... they didn't plan on having her at 29 weeks in the middle of a lockdown but at least they will have a few items that will fit now :)

Brigitte C - Premature Clothing

Thank you the beautiful clothes arrived today.  Fast shipping and excellent service! Thank you so much very much you are a life saver.

Christina M - Premature Clothing

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your awesome customer service. My daughter-in-law loved the wee outfits and they were a great fit.

Carolyn A - Premature Clothing

Thank you so much for the premature package that I ordered the other week. The shipping was super fast (despite COVID) and the quality of the items were so soft and just delicate. The items were great quality and the feel was just perfect.

Alana P - Premature Clothing

It arrived today, absolutely amazing, I can't thank you enough, could not stop crying it was bringing back memories galore. Thanks again.

Julie F - Keepsake Premmie Doll

Just wanted to say a massive thank you! The parcel arrived this morning and she can't believe how gorgeous they are and how tiny.

Nicole M - Premature Clothing

My friend received the milestone cards today and loves them! They look beautiful in pictures. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and being so responsive to my queries! Amazing service, thanks for all that you do.

Nicole P - Premature Milestone Cards

You have the most beautiful products, everything has exceeded my expectations.  My girl is an ex 24wkr... I have been meaning to do her a scrapbook of sorts, but I am just not the creative type. You have made this SO easy for me. Thank you.

Tracey W - NICU Milestone Cards and Premature Baby Scrapbook

It is gorgeous! I'm so excited for the day my girl gets to wear it ❤ Thank you so much

Rebecca - NICU Graduate Bodysuit

Oh wow Stephanie, I have just received my order and can't wait to see my beautiful granddaughter wearing them, love them so much - thank you :)

Maggie J - Premature Baby Clothing

Just wanted to let you know that I have received my girls dolls. I am absolutely in love with them, you have done an amazing job. Thanks so much for your great customer service.

Chrystal F - Keepsake Premmie Dolls

These arrived yesterday! They are perfect, such a good design. Thank you so much... until now it has been so hard to find small enough singlets for them. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone else having the same problem.

Charlotte B - Premature Cotton Singlets

I just wanted to say thank you... The selection of clothing is fantastic, the quality is absolutely beautiful and they fit like a dream!... I will recommend you to everyone I know, and we will most certainly be back as (baby) grows!

Brittany G - Premature Baby Clothing and Milestone Cards

We just love it, so beautifully made and so special for us to be able to show her one day just how little she was. I spent half the day cuddling it when it arrived, took me right back to all those many long days spent in NICU kangaroo cuddling... Thank you so much!

Samantha R - Keepsake Premmie Doll

Thank you so much for the gorgeous products but more so for the beautiful gifts for our little ladies... It is so nice to have something up here for them that will be ready for when they are in an open bed

Stacey K - Premature Milestone Cards, Baby Scrapbook, Baby 1:1 Scale Birth Posters

I received my order this morning for my newest granddaughter after the tears and cooing l just want to send my gratitude. What stunning but practical clothing. Also the gorgeous wrapping just made it more special. I wish you every success and will be ordering again once our princess has grown

Sally M - Premature Baby Clothing

Received the order yesterday. They are all amazing, thank you so much. Great quality and feel so soft!

Wendy M - Premature Baby Clothing

It's amazing looking back at how tiny (baby) was, and how far she has come now. Thank you for going above and beyond what I had expected.

Chrissy T - Keepsake Premmie Doll

Just wanted to let you know we just received our doll. Thank you so much, it's perfect!

Madison W - Keepsake Premmie Doll