and our baby Ethan

Hi! I'm Stephanie and I live on Auckland's North Shore with my husband Andrew and our two energy-filled boys, Ethan who was born at 26+2 weeks, and Joshua our full termer. After Ethan's early arrival, I'd finally worked up the courage to try for another baby but then had a complete molar pregnancy - a rare condition which resulted in needing chemotherapy and waiting a year before being cleared to try again. During this year I desperately needed something else to focus on, so I took a leap of faith and started Small Babies.

Being a NICU mum I understand that it's a lot to cope with, everything revolves around your baby's medical needs (and most likely a breast pump). After more than 6 weeks in hospital Ethan was finally able to wear clothes, but as much as it was amazing to put him in those first outfits, it was also incredibly time-consuming and difficult! I wished there was an easier way to dress him, we needed snuggly soft clothes that gently wrapped around him and actually fitted his skinny little body. Other mums in our unit had the same problem - online shopping wasn't really a big thing, and most baby stores had nothing and told us to buy dolls clothes! So although it was too late for us, gorgeous premature clothing should have been available for the other tiny miracles of the NICU, and even back then I knew that I could make that happen. 7 years plus a rainbow baby later, Small Babies has come a long way and I'm excited about bringing more preemie gear to NZ!

A little more about me, before Ethan was born I trained and worked in the film industry in the art department - being creative and problem solving has always been my thing. I have a fair bit of retail experience, and also a patternmaking qualification so when it comes to baby clothing I'm pedantic about the sizing and quality! I'll happily eat my way through a block of dark Whittaker's chocolate or any lemony desserts, and I'll drink mocha but I'm not a fan of tea or coffee. I'm trying hard not to wear so much black clothing, although it fits nicely with my love of rock/metal music (please don't ask me what I listen to when the kids aren't home!!). On the weekends you're more likely to find me in the garden or doing some baking with the kids than hanging out at a café, I can't stand crowded places like busy shopping malls. As a family we love to explore our beautiful country and go camping in the Coromandel over summer.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading and if you need me I'm always around x

"I'm thankful for my struggle, because without it I wouldn't have discovered my strength"

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Our baby's journey from the NICU to home (and how it led to Small Babies) is here in Our StoryCheck out the FAQ page for all the info about delivery and pick ups, product exchanges and that official legal stuff!

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