Choosing the right size clothing can be difficult at the best of times, let alone for tiny babies where just a few centimetres makes a big difference.

We've found there's such a huge range in Prem sizing - simply making clothing shorter than usual and labelling it "Prem" doesn't mean it will fit every early baby!

Small Prem sized baby booties, for tiny feet!

For premature babies using the baby's weight is the most accurate way to choose sizing. Some medical conditions such as IUGR can mean that a baby will be far smaller than others born at the same gestation. Every garment we sell has the weight range in the item's product description, as it can vary slightly between brands. You can also look out for our three main size groups, Micro Prem, Small Prem, and Prem.

Mini Micro Prem: we have a few bereavement gowns in this very tiny size, a beautiful option for dressing angel babies weighing under 1lb (450 grams).

Micro Prem: our littlest clothing range, for babies up to approx 1.4kg (3lbs). This would be the equivalent of 0000000 (7 x 0) in size. Please be aware that there are not many babies that are able to wear clothes at this size, although we have had some 1.3kg babies that could be fully dressed!

Small Prem: 000000 (6 x 0) or a tiny prem size, ideal for baby's first clothing once they have graduated from an incubator. Small Prem clothing fits babies from between 1.3 and 1.8kg, to a maximum of weight of 2.4kg. We do have a few items that fit 1.2-2kg, these are labelled as Extra Small Prem as they are in between the Micro and Small Prem sizes.

Prem: fits from 2.3kg up to either 3.2 or 3.6kg. 00000 (5 x 0) or a small newborn.

Anything that fits from 3.2kg upwards is classed as Newborn.

If you need to convert kilos and grams to pounds and ounces, we've got it covered with our weight conversion chart.

We try to find the best manufacturers that custom design especially for premature babies, resulting in clothes that are properly sized to fit your baby snugly. Natural fabrics like 100% Cotton or Merino are best for keeping baby warm, this combined with accurate sizing means your baby will stay warm and use that precious energy for growing!

Some Prem sized clothing available looks like chopped-off versions of the newborn items, they are short enough but really wide fitting. I still find it incredible that staff in one baby shop told my mum to buy their range of teddy bear clothing for my 26 weeker - a teddy bear is easily 4 times fatter than a prem baby, it's never going to be a good fit!!

Occasionally we receive items that seems to be larger or smaller than the labelled size, in which case we will put it into the appropriate size group. When this occurs we will make a note of the size difference in the products’ description. If you find an item fits for far more or less than the stated weight range then please let us know! We can pass on your feedback to our manufacturers and hopefully improve the fit for future little babies.