Octoprem Softie

Octoprem Softie
The Premmie Octopus
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With a soft, plush head and crochet tentacles, Octoprem Softies provide a cute and cuddly companion for your little one. The crochet tentacles are thought to feel like an umbilical cord to a new baby, providing them with comfort and a sense of security. The Octopus particulary assist babies in neonatal care, instead of baby holding onto their monitor leads or feeding tubes (and inevitably pulling them out), they can grasp the tentacles instead.

They have been known to be especially beneficial for premature babies, but all babies – premature, newborn and even older babies – love holding onto the tentacles as they are easy to grip and soft on their delicate hands.

Product details: 100% cotton exterior, 100% polyester stuffing. Suitable for all ages with supervision. Can be washed at up to 60˚C. 

Octoprem have been safety tested to the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124


Octoprem Softies have a 100% cotton exterior - the head has a cotton plush exterior and the tentacles are cotton yarn, while the filling for the head is 100% polyester. 

To cater for the hospital environment, Softies can be washed at up to 60˚C. For general use, we recommend warm hand washing or a delicate machine wash cycle. For best results, we recommend air drying in the sun, however if you need to use the tumble dryer, please do so with a delicates bag.


Did you know that all toys intended for babies under 36 months must meet certain product safety requirements prior to sale?

The mandatory product safety standards for these toys are contained in  Consumer Protection Notice No. 14 of 2003, as amended by Consumer Protection No. 1 of 2005, and is based on the voluntary Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124. These standards consider the design and construction of toys, materials used and reasonable wear and tear.

According to the Product Safety Australia website “the mandatory standard was created to reduce the chances of small parts coming off toys during play or after reasonable wear and tear, therefore helping to prevent choking, suffocation, or death.”

Similar safety requirements also exist for toys sold in the United States and Europe, and we consider safety testing as an imperative part of our business model, to ensure our products are the best that they can be!

We want to make sure we are only offering high quality, safe and reliable products, especially when they are going into such precious hands. We believe that compliance testing = safe toys = happy baby and parents!

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  • The Cutetess wee Softie
    These are gorgeous the photo does not do them justice they are prefect for your wee prem bubba
    Posted: 2021-12-24
  • Posted: 2021-10-09