Your Little Head Start

Your Little Head Start
An illustrated poem for your premature baby.
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Your Little Head Start is perfect for reading to your brave little baby. It takes you through the special moments we experience in the NICU, from those early days sitting by baby's bed and the joy of kangaroo cuddles, to our hopes and dreams for our baby's future. 

To read to your own child, or to give as a gift, this 26 page illustrated poem will inspire hope for premature parents around the world.

A beautiful, textured, hard cover children's book, with recycled paper internals.

A message from Nick and Hannah Stenmark, the Author and Illustrator -

"We are parents to a beautiful premature baby, and are thrilled that this book is finally available to be shared with other families going through what we did. 

It's written by Dad, and illustrated by Mum.

When babies come early and are sick, they are mostly incubated right away. This creates a divide between the parents and their newborn. Doctors and nurses suggest reading to our babies, even through the incubator walls, to make us feel connected and have them hear our voice. And science has proven that reading to babies, especially premmies, helps build essential neurological pathways.

This book is designed to be read by parents to their premature or sick babies. At a time when all hope feels lost, this illustrated poem will build emotional strength and optimism while helping parents feel connected to their vulnerable child.

It’s also a beautiful keepsake for parents who have a child that was premature but no longer in hospital."