Merino Gown

Merino Gown
Prem (2 - 3.2kg)
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Soft and cosy, these Babu merino gowns are perfect for sleeping in, and also for longer prem babies who need a bit of extra leg length. The elasticated bottom makes it easy to do a quick nappy change, and fold over mitten sleeves will help to keep baby's hands warm - they also stop baby from scratching their face or pulling out their tubes!

Merino wool is ideal for prem clothing as it helps with temperature regulation, keeping your little baby warm in winter and cool in summer. During summer the breathable merino draws away moisture and prevents your baby from overheating, and in winter it's simple to add extra layers like a bodysuit or singlet underneath.

100% Merino, 180gsm Woolmark Nurtured Standard

Prem fits 2 to 3kg (4lb 6oz to 6lb 9oz)

Why Merino?

Wool has been used for clothing for thousands of years. It has a natural crimp to the fibres which help it insulate from cold, and unlike synthetic fabrics it is breathable, so it draws moisture away from the skin. The ability of Merino to assist with temperature regulation means it is a perfect choice for premature babies.

Merino is a natural renewable resource, making it enviromentally friendly as well as being a high quality, luxurious fabric.

Garment Care:

These Merino All in Ones can be hand or machine washed. Turn the garment inside out, wash on a Wool or Delicate cycle (max 30 degrees Celcius) using a wool approved detergent. Dry flat in the shade, do not tumble dry.

About Babu:

The Babu range is designed in New Zealand and made from soft natural fabrics, with the 100% Merino clothing carrying the Woolmark logo. Their premature sized clothing is high quality, easy care and a perfect fit for little babies. Babu is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

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