Premmie Milestone Blanket

Premmie Milestone Blanket
With unique details for premature babies
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1 Sep 2019
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Milestone blankets with a few extra details just for prems! Our blankets feature "Actual" and "Corrected" to easily record those additional milestones.

With Kilos, Weeks and Months and numbering from 1 to 12, the Premature Milestone Blanket gives you heaps of options for capturing special days in your baby's growth.

100% Cotton Blanket, White with print in Black, Navy blue, or dark Fuchsia pink

Pram size blanket, measures approx 76 x 102cm. Pictured here with a Keepsake Doll measuring 49cm for scale.

Actual Age: Baby's real age from date of birth. Corrected Age: Baby's age calculated from their due date.

Eg: a baby born at 28 weeks (approx 3 months early) would be 4 months old (Actual) but 1 month old (Corrected).