Milestone Cards Essentials

Milestone Cards Essentials
Miracle Mumma
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I've Arrived (Gender Neutral) 'Essential' Milestone Cards for the eager little baby in your life. The perfect way to capture, celebrate and remember the most significant milestones your baby reaches during their journey from hospital to home.

These Essential sets are an affordable and beautiful way to 'give back' to the NICU/SCBU where your premature baby spent the first weeks of their life.

Each card has space on the back to document the details of the milestone.

Size 15x15cm

Printed on 300gsm uncoated card (to minimise glare from photographs)

Pack of 8 includes:

1 x I've Arrived! _ Weeks Early

1 x First Cuddle (details for 'with Mum' and 'with Dad' on back)

1 x I wore my first outfit today

1 x Today I'm breathing all on my own

1 x I graduated from NICU today

1 x I had my 1st bath today

1 x I had my feeding tube remove today

1 x I finally get to go home today