Safe Distance Pram Tag

Safe Distance Pram Tag
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These pram signs are a simple way to kindly warn strangers to keep a safe distance from our little ones.

Premature babies have lowered immunity for their first two years, and for medically fragile babies it's especially important to stay as healthy as possible. Having a sign helps to remind people not to touch your baby or get too close - perfect for those occasional moments when your back is turned!

The provided clip allows you to quickly attach the tag to your pram, capsule or front pack. The tag measures approx 10cm (circular), and is available in Clementine or Goblin Blue.

Easy to clean surface, just give the tag a wipe and air dry. Try using the Everything Sanitising Spray for up to 30 days of germ protection!

If you have a tag attached to your baby's capsule please remember to take it off when you put your baby into the car.

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