I should have done 9 Months

I should have done 9 Months
Prem (2.3 - 3.2kg) and Newborn (3.2kg+)
NZ$ 20.00
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"I should have done 9 months on the inside, but I only did .. weeks" - the perfect design for all premmies!

Prem Kimono Bodysuit, fits approx 2.3 - 3.2kg (5-7lbs): Long Sleeve, White 100% Cotton

Newborn Bodysuit, fits over 3.6kg (8lbs+): Short Sleeved, White Polyester/Cotton

Please remember to tell us the Number of Weeks gestation (eg 23-36) in the section above, then add it to your cart.

Also available in a range of tees and bodysuits in larger sizing, to fit bigger babies and young children.

We keep most options in stock, if the requested print is currently out of stock we will notify you as soon as possible. Please allow up to 10 working days for your garment to be printed and dispatched.

To ensure the print on your garment is long lasting, please follow the care instructions:

1. Do not put through a hot wash

2. Do not tumble dry

3. Do not iron directly on the print

4. A warm iron on the reverse side every now and then can help maintain the lifespan of the print