Gift Wrap - Eco

Gift Wrap - Eco
Natural Paper Wrap
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Brown paper packages tied up with string... Sending a gift is easy with our wrapping service! It's a thoughtful way to support the baby's family and celebrate the arrival of their tiny miracle.

Our eco-friendly gift wrap includes a gorgeous printed kraft paper, tied with a paper string bow. Choose from the adorable Bunnies or whimsical Feathers printed papers, and the paper string in your choice of Aqua, Pink, Red or White.

  • We'll take care of everything for you - and price tags are never included!
  • Your gift can be delivered to either the recipient's home address or care of the hospital unit.
  • To send a personal message take a look at our custom-designed gift cards (available to purchase separately), or a small tag with your name will be included for no extra charge.
  • Good for the planet! Both the kraft paper and paper string should be 100% biodegraded within 8 weeks if buried or added to home compost.