Keepsake Premmie Doll

Keepsake Premmie Doll
Custom made to your baby's measurements
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For an everlasting keepsake of your precious baby, each Premmie Doll is custom made from your baby's measurements to match their actual birth weight and length. If your friends and family couldn't visit during baby's time in the hospital a keepsake doll is the next best thing to show them, and holding your doll brings back all those memories of your tiny baby on the day they were born.

Your doll will be carefully handmade for you with love, right here in New Zealand.

Everything you need to know about our dolls is listed below, including the current wait time and shipping. I know there's a lot to go through but please make sure to read it before you order!

Ready to go? Select your doll weight from the drop-down menu, complete the rest of the form with your baby's details, then add your keepsake doll to the cart!

There is a wait list for Keepsake Dolls. Once your order is paid in full you will be added to the end of the list, currently the wait time to complete your doll is APPROXIMATELY 12-14 WEEKS and this time may vary with demand. Please notify us at the time of ordering if you hope to have you doll for photos on a specific date (eg baby's due date or birthday), and we'll do our best to get it ready in time.

Our keepsake dolls are made to a fairly realistic pattern and we use only the best quality materials! The main 'skin' fabric is a beautifully soft 100% cotton that we import to New Zealand especially, and the doll's face has a unique shaped nose with hand embroidered features. The entire doll is fully lined (no lumpy, bumpy bits where you can see the filling!), finished with solid metal joints, and stuffed using a combination of plastic pellets, polyester fibre fill, with glass and metal weights as required.

All our premmie dolls come with:

A unique shaped nose and hand embroidered face, with Dark Blue or Brown Eye Colour, or Asleep (closed eyes).

A custom-made Cloth Nappy, and a Hat in Blue, Pink or White.

Individual Poseable Fingers/Mitts. In the smallest dolls (for babies under approx 450 grams or 22 weeks gestation) fingers can't be made as they're too tiny to sew, in which case it will have mitten fingers with thumbs.

Option of bent legs or slightly bent. Both are flexible but the 'bent legs' naturally sit in more of a tucked-up position.

Your choice of Skin Colour - Fair, Medium, Beige or Light Brown (see photos for detail).

Your Premmie Doll will be made to your baby's actual birth weight, please be aware that in most cases these dolls feel heavier than they look. It's just like picking up a sleeping child - they seem so much heavier than when they're awake! If you would like a doll made to a specific size but without accurate weighting we are happy to arrange this for you, this is perfect for larger dolls used for display or educational purposes.

Standard sizes are from 20 weeks up to 36 weeks gestation. To allow for the huge differences in growth at each gestation (eg IUGR babies) the cost of the doll increases based on baby's weight. We can make smaller or larger sizes, however there are some limits to this so please contact us to discuss your needs. If you order a doll that is above the maximum weight (2495grams), additional charges will apply and we may not be able to make the doll accurately to your baby's weight.

If you have any other special requirements for your doll please include it in the customisation form, or contact us prior to ordering. Occasionally size information is missing from baby's hospital notes (or the first measurements might not have been recorded at all), but don't panic! We can use any measurements you do have and work with you to get the best length or weight estimate for your doll.


Sizing: Our dolls will be made as close as possible to your specifications, but as this is a hand-made product there may be a slight variation in the finished length. The weight may differ by a few grams depending on the scales used, we weigh them on our digital scales throughout the weighting process.

Care: Surface spot-clean only. Do not immerse in water, these dolls contain metal parts which may rust. Best stored in acid-free tissue paper with good air flow to protect the fabric from mould and mildew.

Caution: Keepsake premmie dolls are NOT A TOY. They are hand made, and contain small parts which pose a choking hazard to young children. Never leave children unsupervised with the doll, and make sure it is stored out of reach.

Shipping: To help reduce damage to the doll's joints in transit, your doll will be sent tightly bubble wrapped to avoid it from moving in the box. We are unable to send the dolls gift wrapped as they are too long for gift boxes. 

International orders: Dolls are always sent using tracked courieryes it's more expensive than the standard post but delivery is faster and it's covered by insurance! As a guide, courier to Australia is approx $35-65 NZD depending on the weight of your doll. For other countries we need to calculate an accurate shipping cost, please send us your location, doll length and weight via email or our contact form and we'll be in touch shortly.

Special thanks to Sandy Eding and Judi Ward, for creating the original Preemie and Newborn Doll Patterns.

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  • Prem doll
    LOVE the doll we were sent. Such a great idea and an awesome keepsake for when our baby girl is older. Very well made.
    Posted: 2022-10-26
  • Incredible, one of a kind keepsake
    Since our doll’s arrival it has been, and will be, an integral part of our little persons journey. Having been born in a covid setting where our loved ones didn’t meet him until he was almost four months old, the doll helps our families and friends to understand how small and fragile he was, and where our journey started. So beautifully crafted with so much love, we will be forever thankful to Stephanie for her incredible ability to capture the start of life for our little man. I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone who’s baby had a tiny start as a landmark of an amazing journey xx
    Posted: 2022-06-29
  • Keepsake Premmie Doll
    Gorgeously made and perfect for our 1yr on photoshoot and then our shadow memory box. A very special memory thank you.
    Posted: 2022-06-07
  • The BEST Keepsake for a Preemie
    I had my son at 28 weeks weighing a tiny 695 grams. It was 100 days before I got to take him home. I found Small Babies while searching for local businesses that made things for premature babies - and I fell in LOVE with the keepsake dolls. I had a look at many others but these are the cutest and most realistic looking. I ordered a doll not long after my son was born, and it was very emotional having it arrive at home before he did. I took it to the hospital on his due date to take a comparison photo, and he was a hit in NICU! The nurses even weighed the doll to check its accuracy - spot on. It's such a great reminder to see how far they have come. I cannot highly recommend this product enough. Thanks Stephanie xx
    Posted: 2020-05-26 by Rosie Lewis-Jones
  • Posted: 2022-08-12
  • Posted: 2022-02-01
  • Posted: 2020-05-28 by Eliza