Medically Fragile Baby Blanket

Medically Fragile Baby Blanket
Sized to fit your baby's pram
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Medically fragile and premature babies often have poor immune systems, ongoing medical complications and weaker lungs then healthy newborns. A slight cold can quickly turn very serious and require re-admission to hospital - every NICU parent's worst nightmare!

Once you've made it home from the unit, taking your baby out into the big wide world is often a difficult step. Even a quick trip to the supermarket means being in close contact with lots of people and any viruses they might have.

Our blankets have been designed for those times when you need to get out of the house. The bold print on the centre front of the blanket is positioned to be clearly seen, asking people not to touch your baby.

100% Cotton Blanket, White with Black print

Pram size, measures approx 76 x 102cm