Nod Sound Machine & Nightlight

Nod Sound Machine & Nightlight
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Coming home from the NICU is a big adjustment - babies are used the extra noise and they'll often settle better with background sounds. The Yogasleep Nod Sound Machine and Night Light helps your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep, and comes with a dimmable nighlight for feeding and nappy changes.

  • Featuring 20 sound options including white noise, fan sounds, nature sounds, and eight lullaby tracks.
  • Run the sound machine all night long, or set the auto-off timer with three timer options: 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours.
  • Soft, dimmable night light in amber tones that soothes rather than disrupts sleep cycles.
  • Sleek and compact white noise machine fits seamlessly with any bedroom or nursery.
  • Easy to operate with a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Yogasleep (formerly Marpac) has been the gold standard for white noise machines for over 50 years.

Please note: The Nod comes with a USB cable cord, but not a power plug or adapter. You can use any USB power adapter such as a phone charger. It runs plugged in, it is not a portable rechargeable machine. It is recommended that you only use the USB cord provided with your Nod. Using any other cord can result in damaging your unit and/or does not provide sufficient power to run your unit.

Yogasleep Nod Features

  • Soft amber night light: Dimmable night light in a warm amber tone creates a sleep-inducing bedroom environment. To turn the nightlight on or off, press the Nightlight button. To adjust the light’s brightness, hold down the nightlight button until the desired brightness is achieved. The sound and nightlight can be controlled independently.
  • 20 sound settings plus sleep timer: Sound options include white noise, fan and nature sounds, and 8 classical lullaby tracks. Includes a “shushing” sound and heartbeat setting engineered to soothe infants. Run the sound continuously, or set the sleep timer to 45m, 90m, or 8 hours.
  • Unbeatable quality & guarantee: For over 50 years, Yogasleep has been the gold standard for white noise machines. Backed by a one-year limited warranty.
  • Power supply: No battery required, powered by USB cord. The Nod comes with a USB cable cord (power adapter not included), which you can use with any good quality USB power adapter such as a phone charger.
  • Design: a simple, intuitive design with buttons which are easy to use. The sleek, modern look fits with most nursery themes and bedrooms.
  • Size: Dimensions - 116mm x 118mm x 70mm. Weighs - 399g
  • Maximum Volume in decibels: 83.5 dBA at 12 inches (30.5cm), 75.1 dBA at 6 feet (1.83m)


  • Can I turn on the nightlight without playing any sounds? Yes, the sound and nightlight are controlled independently. You can use it as a nightlight or to play sounds, or run both at the same time.
  • If I set the machine to a certain sound, when it's turned off and on again will it still be set on that sound or do I have to cycle through to get back to it? Yes, it will play on the sound that you last used before turning it off. However if the machine has been completely unplugged (from the wall/power supply, or in the event of a power cut) it will reset to the default setting.
  • How loud is the volume? It’s for a small bedroom and want to have it on continuously so want to ensure it’s a safe level. The volume is adjustable so you can find a comfortable sound level depending on the room. The decibels for this machine range from approx 0-75.

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