I'm a Premmie - Pram/Capsule Signs

I'm a Premmie - Pram/Capsule Signs
Free Printable Signs for premature babies
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Our free printable Pram and Capsule signs are great for when you're getting out of the house, reminding people to keep their distance.

A virus or even a simple cold can make a premature baby very sick. For at least the first year after being discharged their lungs are still quite immature compared to healthy term babies, so they need extra protection to keep them safe.

Choose your designs from the links below to download them for free!

Tips & Tricks:

When printed to Actual Size the sign will be about 11cm square.

Print on thick paper or card and laminate your signs if you can, this makes them easy to wipe clean and long lasting.

To attach to your pram or capsule punch a hole in the top then secure in place with a short piece of ribbon, soft twisty tie, large safety pin or even a plastic ring - the kind you get on a lot of baby toys.

For safety please make sure it is positioned so that baby can't reach and pull on the sign, or any ties you use to secure it in place. Remember to remove the sign from your baby's capsule while in the car.